Vegetable Juice Recipes You will Surely Enjoy

Vegetable Juice Recipes You will Surely Enjoy

The power of juicing green vegetables is immense. It can change not just the life of the one who does it, but also everyone including friends and family who will be convinced of the wonders of fruit and vegetable juice recipes.

By learning vegetable juice recipes, you are able to complete the recommended vegetable intake daily. According to research, taking raw foods is better than cooking it. For one thing, you would take it in its pure state which means that the nutrients are still intact. Cooking vegetables lessen the nutritive value and by taking it raw the benefits are twice as much, by drinking vegetables raw you also avoid extra fat due to cooking oil, salt and other preservatives added during the cooking process.

Vegetable Juice Recipes

Choosing Raw Foods

Are you ready for some tips on raw foods diet? One of the biggest hurdles in eating raw foods is the taste. Our taste buds are used to cooked meals. Hence, the best way to begin this whole process would be to juice your vegetables.

If you are interested, here are some of the best vegetable juice recipes that you can prepare for you and your family any time of the day. Be able to motivate your loved ones to change for the better. Try these juicing recipes:

Beetroot Cucumber Pineapple Vegetable Juice Recipe

This is a delicious, nutritious and fancy drink that is best taken before eating breakfast. Known as one of the detox vegetable juices, this recipe has a cleansing effect.


1 or 2 single beetroot

¼ cucumbers

2 cups of pineapple that has been diced

Make sure to wash the vegetables and fruits properly, peel and wash the cucumber, scrub the beets, slice the pineapples and remove the skin and then mix them together. You can include fresh milk for added taste or yogurt.

Another good health drinks using beets and Vegetables Juice Recipes:


3 beetroots

Lemons- extract the juice

Ginger- peeled

2 apples


Wash the ingredients properly make sure that they are free of pesticides and fertilizers and then peel the skin, use a good electric juicer to make the vegetables and fruits fine and water to thin out the solution, you can add ice or refrigerate as this is better chilled.

Are you ready for more vegetable juice recipes for blender? Another top vegetables juice recipe that is gaining popularity is the combination of Ginger and Carrot juice. This drink is perfect during the wintertime and can go together with lemon juice in order to cleanse the body and to boost the immune system to fight against cold and flu.

Here are the ingredients:

3 large carrots

1 inch cube of ginger, add according to taste

1 lemon

These recipes contain a lot of benefits like vitamin A, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Fat, carbohydrates and protein. The beets that are added contain anti-carcinogens. Beets are low in fat and are a good source of folic acid which is good for pregnant women. It also contains components that can lower heart risks and heart diseases as well as reducing cancer related problems like colon cancer as well as decreasing the chance of birth defects.
Not many know that beets added in the drink can help cure leukemia. It has a strong anti-cancer property and by consuming more of this one can reduce the chances of having tumors. Vegetable Juice Recipes can stop the growth of colon cancer and stomach cancer. Beets are also great for protecting liver cells and bile ducts.


I am sure that by now you are convinced in getting into the vegetable juice diet. It is so easy to get started. You have so many options from local produce like tomatoes, lettuce, watercress, and carrots. You can also try the super nutritious wheatgrass juice. Are you tough enough to try the leafy vegetables in a juice drink? Tell me, what’s your favorite green juice? Indeed, the possibilities are endless…